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    Mordecai is great. I think Dmitri and Brahms work as well.
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    I met a Diego once! He was a foreign exchange student from Spain and he was on the high school's co-ed swim team with me. Quite the ladies man I think it could work just cause I've heard it before. But there's the association of the kid's show Go Diego, Go! if you're in the US.

    I also like Lars cause I come from a very swedish family and it was the name of one of my great uncle's. Other more foreign names I like for boys are Nils and Axel. Again, they're all family names for me.
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    I think that as long as you do not have to put on a fake accent to say a name it is usually not "too" foreign sounding. I think all of your names work, though I've never heard of Almonzo before so that would take some getting used to. I really like Dmitri and it doesn't even seem foreign to me anymore, I have known 5 Dmitri's and only one was Russian.

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    I think everything but Diego would work on the boy you're describing. Do I detect a Litle House on the Prairie fan (Almonzo)? Would you call him Manny/Manly?

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    I think all of them could work.

    Dmitri- Great name. Very usable.
    Diego- Very usable. Though not my favorite.
    Lars- Same as Diego
    Mordecai (w/ nn Cai/Kai)- Definitely useable. Though I don't like it too much. I like Malachi much more.
    Brahms (as a middle)- Solid middle name option. Bram would also be a good option.
    Marcellus- Very straightforward and usable. And a great name in my opinion.
    Almonzo- Very usable, though I prefer Alonzo/Alonso.

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