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  • Elsa Rae Walton

    13 23.21%
  • Elsa Marci Walton

    4 7.14%
  • Elsa Maeve Walton

    32 57.14%
  • Rae Marci Walton

    1 1.79%
  • Rae Amelia Walton

    3 5.36%
  • Rae Charlotte Walton

    3 5.36%
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    Help me narrow down my choices!

    I think we have narrowed down our girls name choices to these two: Elsa & Rae.

    I'm looking for your thoughts & opinions on both these names as well as possible middle name combos.

    Elsa Rae Walton (FIL's middle name is Raymond)
    Elsa Marci Walton (in honor of a friend who passed away)
    Elsa Maeve Walton (honoring Marci with the "M" initial and her May birthday)

    Rae Marci Walton
    Rae Charlotte Walton (family name)
    Rae Amelia Walton (family name)

    Other names I like: Tessa, Adele, Sloane, Everly, Adelaide

    I'm open to suggestions! I'm not loving the middle name options for Rae.
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    From your list, I really like Rae Amelia and Elsa Maeve. I also Like Rae Everly.

    Even though I like the name Elsa, Rae just seems so cute and clever to me. I am sure there are plenty who will disagree with me though!

    For other middle names with Rae:

    Rae Margaret - keeping the M for Marci and May
    Rae Adeline - I like Adelaide but Rae Adelaide is too much A IMO

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    I voted for Elsa Rae because it's such a great combo and has both of your two favorite names in it.
    However I also love that you want to honor Marci and think that Elsa Maeve is beautiful and would have gotten my second vote.
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    I am not a fan of Rae, because it reminds me to much of the male nickname Ray, which I don't like. Elsa isn't my cup of tea, but I find something very charming about Elsa Maeve!
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    I think Elsa Rae is the best choice.
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