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    Smile Please tell me your favourites ...

    I'm currently 24 weeks pregnant and no closer to narrowing down my list. What would you choose from ...


    They're a bit all over the place, the longer I look, the more uncertain I get!

    Feel free to suggest other names that you think I might like, as no name has yet proven perfect and I keep thinking I might find that elusive 'aha' moment name.

    If you want to make any combos with two middle names, then please do. Thank you.

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    What a lovely list! I love your style. My favorites are: Harriet(I am not a big fan but nn Hattie is adorable and it's growing on me), Genevieve, Nell and Margaret. I will try and do some combos:
    Clementine Remy Pearl
    Adelaide Opal June
    Margaret Ianthe Fern
    Genevieve Clara Eve
    Evelyn Elke Quinn
    Isis Remy Genevieve
    And some suggestions based on your names:
    I am sorry if none of these are your style

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    Iris, Ines*, Nell, Adelaide*, Clementine, Genevieve, Margaret, and Clara*

    Pearl, Eve, Ianthe, Harriet, Isis, Evelyn, Elke, Juliet and June

    You Have Better:
    Fern, Cleo, Remy, Opal, Quinn and Mia

    Ines Harriet Pearl
    Iris Genevieve Fern
    Clara Ianthe June
    Elke Clementine Juliet

    Henrietta, Minerva, Elva, Sabine, Susanne/a, Margot, Theresa, Lucy, Lydia and Kara.
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    Thank you Victoria,

    I love your combos. Especially Clementine Remy Pearl and Evelyn Elke Quinn.

    Of your suggestions I quite like Beatrice, but even prefer the Beatrix option (possibly because of Beatrix Potter) ... but I know that that'd be a really, really difficult sell with DH.

    Henrietta is so cute and I love the nn options of Henri, Hattie or Etta.

    I also quite like Matilda but not a fan of Mat or Mattie ... and I know my sister is considering it for her baby (she's due a month after me).

    From your signature I love Winifred, but that has been vehemently vetoed by DH already.

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    Ianthe: This one doesn't appeal to me, because the spelling/pronunciation isn't intuitive. To me it looks like a cluttered amalgamation of random letters.

    Fern: Beautiful. Everyone will know how to say it and spell it, and everyone will recognize it as a name. It has a very soft, almost whispery sound, and conjures up beautiful, whimsical imagery.

    Harriet: This name has grown on me over the past year or so, but if I were a little girl I wouldn't want the sound "hairy" in my name. I much prefer just using Hattie.

    Isis: I was about to say something like, "Not my style, too exotic for my taste," but then all of a sudden I thought, "That's actually a really cool sound." I like that it has the sound "ice" in it. You don't usually hear that in a name.

    Iris: I like the sound and feel of this name, but an unfortunate personal association keeps me from loving it. The Iris I knew was quite masculine and unattractive.

    Ines: Not my taste. I'm not into names that are strictly associated with other languages and cultures, unless I were to adopt a child from that culture. Just a personal thing; I like the child's name to match her heritage.

    Nell: Nell sounds like a boy's name to me, probably because of Nels on Little House on the Prairie. I do, however, have Nella on my own list.

    June: Fell in love with this from Reese Witherspoon's portrayal of June Carter in the movie Walk the Line. If you haven't seen it, it will make you love June all the more. Junie, Junebug...cutesy and quaint, while having a mature and vintage feel.

    Adelaide: This name always makes me think of bright yellow lemons, because it sounds like "lemonade." But that's fun imagery. I quite like Adelaide, though I would stay far away from the trendy nickname Addy, just because there are already so many of them.

    Clementine: Meh. Something about it feels slightly masculine to me, and it pales next to some of your other choices.

    Cleo: Hm...the simplicity of this one really appeals to me. I like it.

    Remy: Love nicknamey-sounding names. Short, easy to say and spell, cute but can be taken seriously. I like it.

    Genevieve: I much prefer Geneva or Genesis, I guess because the pronunciation of Genevieve is ambiguous. There are two very different but correct ways to say it, and that bothers me.

    Eve: This one has always lacked substance to me. I much prefer Eden as a name.

    Pearl: I absolutely adore this classy and glamorous little name.

    Opal: Doesn't have the same feel as pearl--doesn't flow out of the mouth with quite the same smoothness.

    Evelyn: To me, this is still a friendly old lady wearing a dress suit to church, but I like the similar name Evalina.

    Elke: I heard a similar name, Silke, but neither one is my taste. Again, too strongly associated with the German language for me, though if you have a German last name that would be kind of cool. You may like the similar name Eliska.

    Juliet: I just love this. It's the epitome of princessy and girly and flowery, without being over-the-top sing-songy.

    Quinn: Quite a different feel from some of your very girly names, but it has a nice old-fashioned feel to it, thanks to Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman.

    Margaret: Oh dear, I knew such a wretched Margaret that I can't even comment on this. I even had to take Meg off my list after meeting this woman.

    Clara: Dainty, sweet, vintage, simple.

    Mia: Popularity really turns me off to a name, but I actually very rarely hear this one in real life anyway. Mia is very dainty and frilly, in a concise way. I recommend the double-barrel name Mia-Mae.
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