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    I have yet to meet a little Eloise. I don't think it will ever get uber popular. Love the name!

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    It's one of the names I'm bringing to the hospital for my own little one. I mulled over the popularity issue before deciding that. In the end, I think it's a very popular name to discuss on blogs where people really CARE about names. (e.g. this one) but I don't think my child is going to meet that many other Eloises in her life. I feel the same way about Nora --lots of people LOVE Nora, but I only know ONE Nora.
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    Nope! I love it. And there's a point where popularity doesn't matter; if you love it, USE IT.
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    Quote Originally Posted by velvetcrush View Post
    Is Eloise/Eloisa the next Sophia, Isabella or Olivia? We really love the idea of Eloise as a middle name, but I'm worried that it's going to be in the top 10 girls list in the next five years. What are your thoughts?

    And do you care as much about the popularity of a middle versus a first name (I'm inclined to be more relaxed about it)?
    My daughter is an Isabella. Here is my take on it:

    1. Do you *really* love it?
    3. Can you make a nickname from the middle name in case there are 6 Isabella's/Olivia's/Sophia's in her class?
    3. Are you OK with a LONG name that might be hard to spell for little fingers? Isabella is LONG!

    I also really love Olivia but my DH veto'd that because he knew a crazy girl named Olivia. *sigh* Eloise is my BILs niece's name and I love that one as well. Go with what you like, who cares how popular, I say!

    We decided to name my daughter Isabella Jeanene so, her first name is quite popular, obviously, and the middle, not so much. Especially the spelling, this is my mothers name. I came up with Bella Jean, which would be quite unique if/when the time comes my DD wants to have a more unique name.

    My name is Phoebe. Beautiful and unique YES but hard to grow up with. I like more traditional names as a result of having such a unique name.

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    NO! I LOVE ELOISE! Pleeease. It's too lovely. Please use it! But—what is the first name going to be?
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