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    I feel like Eloise is quite popular, perhaps because my sister considered it for her baby before choosing the #1 name Sophia; I now lump it in the super popular baby name group. It's a gorgeous name, but popularity turns me right off to a name. It just depends how much that bothers you. When names become too popular, I feel like nobody appreciates them for their beautiful sound anymore or barely even notices them. You may like the similar name Aloisa. BUT...popularity of a name doesn't bother some people, and in the end I think it's best to go with the name you love most.
    Wow, I find that shocking actually. Eloise has the "Louise" sound on the end that I would think would take a bit more of an adventurous spirit to use. But I guess that certain names just seem more accessible. And an Eloise can always be called Ellie, of course, which is super popular.

    I don't think you should worry about the popularity of the middle name. That really seems to be taking the idea of individuality too far. At worst, other little girls have it as their first name and your daughter can say, 'Oh! That's my middle name!" and she can make friends.
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    I don't think Eloise is "too popular" (and most of my name choices haven't broken the top 1000) in the US. It's been rising in popularity for +10 years here, but still hasn't broken the top 400 and is now starting to stabilize or even decline slightly in popularity. I'm not too sure about other countries.

    For middle names, I think picking something that isn't "filler" is important (IE. Don't just pick any middle name because it's got the right syllables and flows with EVERY first name you like), but popularity isn't as important as with a first name.
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    I have only met one Eloise! I absolutely adore this name, I want it for our baby but my OH does not like it atall. xx

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    I think it's a sweet name and you are safe popularity wise. It may rise in certain areas but I doubt it will catch on everywhere.
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    I think Eloise hadn't become more popular because this anme has spelling issue. Like Aurora.
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