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    Eloise - too popular?

    Is Eloise/Eloisa the next Sophia, Isabella or Olivia? We really love the idea of Eloise as a middle name, but I'm worried that it's going to be in the top 10 girls list in the next five years. What are your thoughts?

    And do you care as much about the popularity of a middle versus a first name (I'm inclined to be more relaxed about it)?
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    I totally see what your saying about Eloise.
    It hasn't broken the top 400 yet but I could easily see it doing so and climbing higher.
    I think the popularity of the Eloise Books ( it's easily going to be one of those names that
    non-name-efficiado's will think is a great and adventurous alternative to Kate, Sophie, Olivia, Amelia, etc.
    It's like an easy access, no research needed names - if that makes sense.
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    I feel like Eloise is quite popular, perhaps because my sister considered it for her baby before choosing the #1 name Sophia; I now lump it in the super popular baby name group. It's a gorgeous name, but popularity turns me right off to a name. It just depends how much that bothers you. When names become too popular, I feel like nobody appreciates them for their beautiful sound anymore or barely even notices them. You may like the similar name Aloisa. BUT...popularity of a name doesn't bother some people, and in the end I think it's best to go with the name you love most.

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    I personally don't care much for popularity, but I think for a middle name it matters less. We just don't use our middle names IRL all that often. I don't. I wouldn't let it bother you. Eloise is very pretty.
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    I love the name Eloise. I see her rising a little, but I don't think she will ever reach the top ten. Go for it!
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