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    How popular is this name?

    I love Scarlet, but afraid its becoming too popular. Thoughts?

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    Depends where you are. I think of Scarlett as a fairly popular name. Last year in NSW it was number 22 (I think), with 232 babies being registered.

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    In 2011 (since last years numbers aren't out yet) in the US

    Scarlett was ranked 80 - 3540 girls
    Scarlet was ranked at 370 - 859 girls

    There were ~ 320 other little Scarlet-types between Scarlette, Scarleth, Escarlet, and Escarleth.
    For a total of 4719 girls = ~ 95 girls per state. (In comparison there were 21695 Sophia's - the most popular name of the year - and 19745 Isabella's - ranked 2nd).

    So yeah it's popular but even when you add all the variations it doesn't hold a candle to the top 10 (Chloe - #10 - had 10917 with this spelling alone).
    I'd except her to be in the top 100 for a while though. It really depends on what is too popular for you. And, really on where you live - and hwo popular it is in your town.
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    It depends where you live and what you consider popular. It isn't top 20 where I live, so I consider it common, but not popular.
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    It seems
    To be getting more and more popular if you're searching for unique you might want to keep on searching. I do love the name though

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