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    metami43 Guest
    Love Fraser and love the story behind it.

    I have always liked Declan, a solid name

    I do not care for Glenn at all. Don't know why.....

    The only middle I do not care for is Jarred. Stanley has grown on me over the years and my Favorite was Owen followed by Tobias

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    I love Fraser. Declan is kind of trendy right now and I'm seeing all sorts of kre8tif spellings for boys and girls (Decklan/Deklin/Decklyn).
    All the best,

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    I love Fraser, it's getting past the age group where people will associate the name with the tv show and it's definitely under used. I really love it! I also love Declan but possibly bc one of my favorite names is Dexter and they're similar. I don't like the nickname Dec because it sounds really close to an expletive and may cause teasing. I have to be honest though, I don't mind the name Indy for a girl and I think it goes well with Fraser, but when you put it with the entire sibset it looks like you have 5 boys. Have you considered using India and calling her Indy as a nickname just to let her feel a little bit girly? She is already going to be surrounded by brothers her whole life!! Just a thought

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    I usually dislike the name Summer, but I absolutely love the combination of Alaska Summer because it makes me think of an Alaskan summer! I definitely vote for that combo.

    For the boy, I really like both Fraser and Glenn, although I probably prefer Fraser. Both of them sound like "nature" names, which fits well with Alaska. I like both Owen and Arthur for middle names (with both Fraser and Glenn).

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    Love Declan Tobias. Second choice is Frasier Owen.

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