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    Lightbulb 3 way tie!!? Help!!

    Me and my hubby have triplet sons (Jackson Danny 'Jack', Spencer Frederick & Tyler Shane) and are now expecting B/G twins ( )
    For they girl we're thinking maybe Alaska or Indy and looking at middle names like Skye, Jessica, daisy or summer.

    Where we're really stuck is on boy names, we have 3 we really like: Fraser, Declan & Glenn
    Fraser (said: Fray-zer) We asked my 6yr nephew, Shep, (He's my long lost nephew who we adopted 6 months ago after my long lost half sister died - complicated) if he had any suggestions and he put this on the table (considering I was expecting him to say like 'Thor' or 'Batman' I was impressed - we'd never thought of it before, my hubby really likes it, I like it and I like that Shep picked it (He's from Australia and I think theres a fraser island in aus where he used to go camping - so that's a nice link)
    Declan - again I really like this, I like that it has irish connections because im half irish and we love the nickname Dec, super cute.
    Glenn - my hubby is a big fan of 'slightly old fashioned retro names' (his fav name of all is Freddy but his nephews called that), we liked scott when we were naming the triplets but didn't use it and I don't really want to use a left over name from last time, I want a fresh one, I think scott & glenn are of a similar elk. I think it suits an man but I also think theres something cute about a 'mans name' on a little boy.

    So yeah...we're stuck

    Middle name wise we like: Jarred, Toby/Tobias, Owen, Arthur, Stanley.

    Thanks so much!

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    Depends on your surname, but I LOVE Fraser. Fraser Owen could be really nice (depending on your surname). I also like Declan, but I can see Declan becoming trendy in the next few years. Fraser is one I rarely hear, but which is very rugged and masculine. I could see it really growing up well.
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    Fraser Owen was actually my favorite combination from your boys names, too! I am huge on sentimental family links and honoring!

    For girls, I guess I would go with Alaska Skye or Indy Summer... Neither one is really my style, though I do like Skye as a middle name.
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    LOVE Declan. I love the idea of Declan Tobias.
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    For the boy, definitely Fraser! I love the sound of this name, and it makes it even more special that Shep picked it out! Declan and Glenn are nice too, but Declan is becoming rather trendy, and Glenn doesn't even compare to Fraser. Like others, I really love the combo of Fraser Owen! He sounds awesome alright. :3

    For the girl, I love both Indy and Alaska. I think that Indy sounds the best with Fraser, Shep, Jack, Spencer and Tyler though. I love Daisy and Summer as middle name, and Indy Summer sounds absolutely gorgeous! I don't think Jessica would be a good choice, just because it's very 80s and tired out. It doesn't sound very appealing or fresh like your other names to me. I also wouldn't use Skye because I much prefer it as a boy's name, on it's own or as a nick name for Schuyler. And anyways, Indy Summer flows much better than Indy Jessica and Indy Skye.

    I think Indy Summer and Fraser Owen sound adorable for twins. "Indy, Fraser, Shep, Jack, Spencer and Tyler" ... Awesome, right?
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