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    Tobias - I like this it is on our list I like "Toby" however I know SO many little Toby's atm!

    Morgan - I love this for a girl!

    Xavier - Adore this name but my husband does not..

    Roman - LOVE this name so much!

    Raphael - LOVE this - it is in our top 3! Do you think it is too intense for a baby?! Just curious as we're not 100 percent because of this!

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    I think Tobias is the clear winner with your sibset. I really love Spencer as well.

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    My favorites from your list:
    I think these names go great with your other children's names, and are just wonderful, classic, fabulous, great names! I love them! Please use Raphael for me. It rhymes with my last name, so I can't.


    Names I like from your list:
    Finn - I want to like Finn, and I kind of do, but I can't help but think of a fish fin or a flipper. Also, I think it's getting quite popular/trendy, if that's a concern to you, probably because it was (is?) a character's nickname on Glee.
    Roman - I like it.... I just don't love it, and I don't think it feels as well with your sibset as many of your other names.
    Xavier -- Like it, just don't think it's as great as some other choices.
    Elias -- I actually like this name a lot. I think it has two drawbacks, one being the strong "el" sound when Elle is becoming so popular for girls, and two being that it may be hard for others to pronounce.
    Casper -- Like it, not sure about the friendly ghost problem. Have you considered Caspian? Seems like you'd love Caspian since you like Casper and Crispin.

    Names I would eliminate:
    Morgan -- I think this has gone to the girls.
    Flynn -- Finn is so much better, imo.
    Leighton -- way too modern/trendy for your classic sibset.
    Emmanuel -- way too feminine for me, especially given the wild popularity of Emma.
    Adrian -- eh, just not my cup of tea.
    Robin -- too feminine, makes me think of the bird, also sounds dated to me (very 1950s)
    Rafferty -- we have tons of Rafferty's restaurants around here. Maybe that's not a problem where you live? Still, I don't care for the sound and don't think it fits with your classics.
    Crispin -- I just don't like the sound, at all.

    I love, love, love your children's names!!! what gifts you've given them. Good luck!
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