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    Girl/Girl/Boy triplet names?

    We're having girl/girl/boy triplets in August, and my husband is still sticking to the Jeremy and Joey idea, which everyone else in our house has put their foot down on. He likes name that rhyme or start with the same letter - I DO not, even though I think it would be nice to have them match a little.

    These are the LAST children I will be having - no more after this (we weren't exactly crossing our fingers for multiples) and I want them to have beautiful names since they will be my last chance at naming.

    We prefer "innocent" sounding names, like Lilly and Noelle. Right now we have agreed we like Primrose, Helen, Scarlet, Eve, Martin, John, and Reiley.
    Mother to Amity Belle, Piper Clarisse, Azalea Taylor, Clover Mavis, Micah Theodore, and Mercy Alyn.

    My favorite boy names: Nathaniel, Jos, Jacob, Lonnie, Cayden

    My favorite girl names: Eilonwy, Ailis, Faye, Caresse, Rachel

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    With your other listed names:
    Amity, Piper, Azalea, Clover, Mercy and Scarlet and Eve

    Micah and Nathaniel

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