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    Twins! Questions and Concerns.

    Hello berries,

    I am 6w2d pregnant, and I went in for an ultrasound today after experiencing some bleeding last night. I kept seeing FET A and FET B on the screen and I thought that she was going to tell me I lost a baby. Then she said she had TWO heartbeats and that the bleeding was likely from the placenta attaching to the uterine wall or from a possible third baby, there was a shadow that looked like the other two, but it was empty. The tech talked to the radiologist and they gave my dr. the report, two babies most likely non-identical, both likely from the right ovary, and two separate embryonic sacks and placentas (coriers?).

    My dr. advised me to be very cautious, because many twin pregnancies this early on do not end up working out. Both babies are measuring similarly in size 3.6 mm? I think. So, I was wondering if any of you were told it was twins this early? And if so, are both babies are still healthy? And if I did miscarry one, does that increase the risk of miscarrying another? Or both? I have only had two pregnancies before, both resulting in daughters. My older daughter is almost 6 and my younger daughter is 3 1/2. Is a pregnancy considered viable when you see a heartbeat or do I did to be on high alert until 12 weeks? Or longer?

    I have no twins in my family, I have never taken fertility drugs, and this is my third pregnancy, so I am SHOCKED beyond belief right now, just trying to wrap my head around this. I'm nervous and excited and stunned. And, this is a whole new ballgame for baby names. I can't even think about it right now. Yikes.

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