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    It's amazing how different the popularity lists are between Australia and US. I'm planning to name my son Oliver, but it's only 78 in the US - which is not as popular as my first son's name (Julian), and I've only met one other Julian since naming him. But I agree that in Australia or the UK, it might be too much. And it makes me wonder if Oliver is going to keep going up fast here in the US too!

    But ... your edited list has some really good choices. I love Winslow - classic but totally unusual. And 'Win' on an older boy or 'Winnie' on a little guy would be great. Good luck!
    Mom to Julian and Oliver
    Favorites for girls: Halina, Beata, Persis, Iolanta, Dorota, Agata, Lucia, Victoria, Vesper
    Favorites for boys: Oliver, Reuben, Henry, Felix, Graham, Augustine

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    The only name on your list I really like is Oliver... what do you think of David?

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    I really, really love ALL of these names. What is your daughter's name? It's a lot easier to love a name when it fits with your family.

    My favorites are Raphael, Arthur, Walter, and Winslow.

    I love Arthur and Walter for their solid, peaceful feel. There's something about these outmoded names that makes them charming on little boys— maybe it's the fact you can envision the men they'll grow into, or maybe the contrast between dusty name and spritely little boy is simply fun to experience. Your son won't know many other Arthurs or Walters, but when he opens books and sees his name, maybe he'll be inspired by the legacies of the Arthurs and Walters before him. It will give him a sense of a connection to the past that his peers might lack. Personally, that's why I love these names. If you haven't considered it, think about Frank as well.

    Raphael and Winslow are simply cute, fun, and come with great nicknames.

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    I like Oliver and Henry, but of your list, William is my favorite because that is my dad's name! :-)

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    Have a brother called Francis-he wears it well....

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