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    Frederick and Winslow are my favorite from the list. I actually hadn't heard Winslow before, and I really really like it!! William is on my list, but probably wont get used because of popularity.

    Sort of similar to William:
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    I really like both Oscar and Winston.

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    Thanks everyone for your encouraging responses so far...

    William and Oliver are so likeable so I did expect a few votes there... I will keep them on the list for back-up's but at this stage I think they are just too popular for my tastes (currently ranked #2 and #5 in Australia). Oscar is ranked at #32 which isn't so bad, but I do worry about it climbing.

    I am really surprised, shocked actually, to see so much enthusiasm for Winslow. I think this could be a top 3 contender for us because it somehow manages to slightly merge that line between unusual and classic... it really pairs well with my daughters name and I think it would be great next to a possible future Marguerite, too.

    Raphael had some really enthusiastic responses - that was great to hear. I just worry if it's 'too much name' for a little boy? Rafi is really cute though! I think I'd really have to sell this one to DH... he wasn't very excited about it at first mention yesterday.

    After reading all your responses, I think a shortened list is starting to look more like this:


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    Omg, you and I have VERY similar taste in boys names! From your list, I'm loving Raphael, Edmund, Frederick, and Arthur. All classics without being over-used. For suggestions... See my signature! BTW, Marguerite is to die for. I really love that name, and its a great choice for a girl. Keep us updated!
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    Raphael -- I also love Rafael. Rafa is the common nn in Spanish-speaking cultures, which I think works great in English, too and is just *awesome*. One of my favorite boy's names of all-time. I can't use it because it rhymes with my last name! Please use this, for me.
    Walter -- definitely not too stodgy! All the "grandma/grandpa" names are coming back around, and I think Walter is just delightful. Wally is cute for a little boy. Walter or Walt are wonderful names for a grown-up (or kid, for that matter).

    Frederick - like it! a lot. Freddy is cute on a little boy. You could also get away with Ed or Ned.
    Oliver -- right now at 78, which to me is not so popular, especially these days when everyone wants something unique.
    Henry (see Oliver)
    Oscar -- at 168 and starting to fall... that is not popular, in my book. Again, keep in mind that with everyone seeking unique names, the most popular names represent a much smaller portion of the population than they used to.

    Not for me.
    William -- eh. Nothing exciting about this name to me.
    Francis -- I'm going to go against the crowd on this one. This is way too feminine for me, especially when Frances is getting more popular for girls. The obvious nn is Frank, which I personally don't like.

    Good luck!! You have some great options already picked out.
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