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    These are my three favorites from you list:

    Winslow - #1 choice, Why? You both really like it and it FEELS classic even though it really isn't. And I like it.
    Frederick - Classic, masculine and strong. I am not crazy about the nicknames though. The only Frederick I personally know is called Rick!
    William - Not popular, perennial! Never totally in, never totally out. IRL I have only met one or two under the age of 40! I like Will as a nn.

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    Have you based the popularity on just the charts or of what is actually popular in your area? You might find that something like Henry that seems so popular isn't in your specific area.

    I actually know a sibset of Marguerite and Fredrick! So I think Fredrick would fit nicely, especially if you had another daughter

    My favorites from your list:
    Henry: love, love, loveee this name. It's grown on me ever since I started watching Once Upon a Time! It's so classic and handsome in my opinion.
    Winston: I think this is awesome cause the first person I think of is Winston Churchill. What a great namesake to associate it with! And I think it's that perfect balance between familiar and unusual.
    Oliver: always loved this name, just check to see if there are a lot at your local playground or daughter's classes. Maybe it's not as popular as you think!
    My Favorites:

    Colette Leona. Alice Evanna. Mabel Verity. Aurelia Esme. Rosalie Raine.

    Jack Jeffrey. Carson Luke. Felix James. Leo Patrick. Axel White.


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    Ok, I doubt Oscar at least is as popular as you think. I know a few but they're all hispanic so if you happen to be non-hispanic, I'd still consider it a unique choice (Disclaimer: I don't mean to bing ethnicity into this as anything derrogitory but when discussing some names I think it is a factor. Some names are almost exclusively used by certain cultures even when they are the exact same in another language. Oscar is one of those names.) The same thing goes for Raphael. If you happen to be non-hispanic, it's a very unique choice. If you are hispanic, both Oscar and Raphael are still solid and very awesome choices but not super surprising. If you're nonhispanic, Oscar and Raphael are solid and awesome with a little extra wow-factor. Other suggestions: Sebastian, Lucas, Marcus, and Leo.

    Special suggestions if you are hispanic: Diego, Christian, Leon, and Matteo. (Just some favorites that I latched onto while living in Mexico.)

    Also, If you really really love Oliver, use it anyway. I know one Oliver. Only one and he's a childhood friend's baby and living nowhere nearby. I know no close by Olivers.

    (Disclaimer 2: All of this is said with a complete and utter love of the hispanic and in particular Mexican culture. Please don't hate me for bringing up the fact that ethnicity can be a factor when choosing a name.)

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    I have the same issue with boys names that you are having. They're nice, but I haven't fallen in love with any of them yet. It doesn't help that my family only seems to have girls, so I am much more drawn to girls' names. Like you, also, I tend to like classic boys names and more out-there girls names.

    (DH and I both agree on but I just don't love love it) - I actually like this name, but I also don't love it.
    Oliver (have loved for so long but I think it's just too popular) - I agree, this is too popular.
    William (see Oliver) - I love this name because it is a family name, and I love the nn. Liam!
    Henry (see Oliver) - Like the pp, Once Upon a Time has made me start to consider this name. However, I know two small boys named Henry so now I feel like I cannot use it.
    Oscar (see Oliver) - I always think of Oscar Mayer when I see this name... I also have an acquaintance who named her dog this, so this is not a favorite of mine.
    Edmund (I really love this but DH does not) - LOVE LOVE LOVE this name! But, like you, my hubby and my family does not. =/ Isn't the nn. Mundy so cute?
    Raphael (not completely sold on it) - I do not like this.
    Arthur (I like, DH does not) - This is too old-mannish for me.
    Walter (too stodgy?) - This is also too old-mannish for me.
    Francis (too feminine?) - My hubby's grandmother is named Frances, so I do not like this for a boy.
    Winslow (We both really like this but it's not exactly a classic choice) - Love this! We also have a friend with the surname, but I do not think that's a deterrent.
    Winston (too heavy?) - Not a fan (I am also reminded of cigarettes and someone kind of nerdy?).

    Other suggestions:

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    Expecting bebe #1 in June 2015!

    Currently loving:

    Aria ~ Aurelia ~ Autumn ~ Brielle ~ Cait ~ Calliope ~ Cassia ~ Cassidy ~ Catriona ~ Cora ~ Eden ~ Elise ~ Emilia ~ Genevieve ~ Giselle ~ Harper ~ Helena ~ Isla ~ Ivy ~ Julianna ~ Lyra ~ Natalia ~ Philippa ~ Selah ~ Winter ~ Wren ~ Zora

    Aaron ~ Alton ~ Avery ~ Benjamin ~ Caleb ~ Daniel ~ Edmund ~ Gabriel ~ Grey ~ Lucas ~ Nicholas ~ Noah ~ Owen ~ Reece/Rhys

    Mother to three fur-babies: Merlin, Willa, and Grady!

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    My favorite from your list would have to be Winslow. I read a wonderful series of books called the House of Winslow and think that it's a fantastic name. It seems like it would go better with your daughter's name who you say has a unique name that isn't as classic sounding.

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