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    Starting to hope this baby is NOT a boy...

    ...because I seriously don't have a single name that feels right.

    Of course, there are plenty of fine names, just nothing I can really visualise in our family. My whole list feels a little forced. The only names I truly do love (William, Oliver, Oscar) are extremely popular and I'm finding it hard to come to terms with the popularity.

    We have one daughter with a very unusual name, and although we both still adore it and it suits her just beautifully, it is causing me to have slight pangs of name regret because I'm drawn to more classic choices this time around. I feel as though I can't go for something really popular (like William) because it feels so mismatched.

    The name we have decided on if this baby is a girl is Marguerite. We are completely enamored with this name and I'm starting to hope for another girl so that I can use a name I truly love. I also feel that even though Marguerite is infinitely more familiar than my first daughters name, they still pair very nicely.

    Can you help me fall in love with one of these names? I'm more interested to hear which name from my list receives the most positive feedback... but I am open to a few suggestions, too.

    Frederick (DH and I both agree on but I just don't love love it)
    Oliver (have loved for so long but I think it's just too popular)
    William (see Oliver)
    Henry (see Oliver)
    Oscar (see Oliver)
    Edmund (I really love this but DH does not)
    Raphael (not completely sold on it)
    Arthur (I like, DH does not)
    Walter (too stodgy?)
    Francis (too feminine?)
    Winslow (We both really like this but it's not exactly a classic choice)
    Winston (too heavy?)

    Thanks berries!

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    From you list my favorites are:
    Fredrick-very nice nickname options and the meaning is so sweet. Maybe if you just obsess over it a bit (ie research the name through history, imagine it on a child, etc.) you will come to love it.

    William- I think William is such a great name. It sounds manly but it still seems cute on a little boy. I don't think the popularity difference should be such a problem; it's normal to have different styles for boys and girls and sibset matching really makes no difference in the long run.

    Edmund- too bad your husband doesn't like it =(

    Francis - not too girly to me, I like it.

    Winslow - I like it alright, it IS a refreshing choice

    Winston- I've know a few Winston's and the name has really grown on me. I seems better than Winslow because it doesn't end in -slow. I also kind of like the meaning "joy stone".

    Raphael- I think a boy would really like to have this name... but I have a bit of difficulty saying it, I wounder if anyone else has that problem.

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    Compared to all of your favourites that you find too popular, the most fitting is Frederick. I agree with lovewm that you will may come to feel that it is the right choice if you sit with it for a while. Freddy is super cute, and has the quirkiness that Oscar and Oliver have, but in a new fresh way since no one really knows any little Fredericks yet.

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    My favorites:

    Oscar -- This is SO not that popular. I have NEVER met someone named Oscar. And it's AWESOME.
    Raphael -- AWESOMETASTIC.
    Walter -- I have this on my list too! Except I don't like Walter, just the nickname Walt. So i'd just use Walt.
    Winslow -- This is so cool. It's like the male version of Willow, and it makes me think of springtime!



    What's your daughter's name?
    I'm not feeling incredibly profound at the moment. Check back later.

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    Frederick- I love this name. It's pretty rare to meet a little boy named Fred or Freddie, but it's pretty awesome. Reminds me of Freddie Mercury. It's distinguished, classic, but unique.
    Oliver- Really overdone. I know SOO many Olivers.
    William- Yes, even William's nn, Liam, has become a popular independent name.
    Henry- Not my fav. It's ok, though.
    Oscar- I only know 2 Oskar's, but yes, it is quite popular.
    Edmund- I'm not a fan... sorry
    Raphael- This is an AWESOME name! Not only has it maintained popularity among children through the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, but it fits with Marguerite quite nicely. I have a friend with Raphael as his mn, and he brags about it to everyone. And Raf/ Rafe would be a cool nn. Love, love, love this!
    Arthur- I like this one... but you already mentioned Raphael... they do not even compare.
    Walter (too stodgy?) Yes.
    Francis (too feminine?) Yes.
    Winslow (We both really like this but it's not exactly a classic choice) Having "slow" in the name could be problematic. I hope your child will be extremely intelligent, but can you imagine if he had a learning disability? This could be quite bad... or he's slow at sports... once again, this could be bad.
    Winston (too heavy?) This would be my #2 after Raphael... granted, I believe they are in completely different leagues.
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