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    I see a lot of my favorite boy names on this list: Oliver, Frederick, William, Henry and Arthur. Francis is also nice, I don't think it's too feminine.

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    javad Guest
    My top 4 favorites from your list would be:
    Oliver (probably #2 favorite)- If you like Oliver, William and Oscar so much to be the only ones you love, I say go for one of those. Oliver is a great name, one that's grown on me a lot more since I first heard it. For me, the popularity of this name would be less of a big deal than some others.

    Oscar (probably #4 favorite)- I don't think Oscar is particularly popular, depending on where you live (#162 in the US), definitely the least popular of the 3 you love. And it's a great name. I think this is a very good option.

    Edmund (probably #3 favorite)- I like a lot of the 'Ed' names, and this is one of my favorites of the bunch.

    Raphael- This is my FAVORITE from your list, for sure. Such an awesome name. Has a 'worldly' feel to it as well, I could see on people from many different cultural backgrounds, which is something I really appreciate about it. It has a lot of awesomeness going for it, and it's not as common as many of your others. I think it'd be a great great choice.

    And the others:

    Frederick- Probably my least favorite from the list. Fred is one of my least favorite NNs.
    William- It's a solid timeless/classic choice, and one you can't really go wrong with. I'm at the upper end of mediocre about it myself.
    Henry- This would be my 5th favorite from your list. Solid/class name. Great choice.
    Arthur- My 6th favorite from the list. A little nerdy, but in a good way. I like it.
    Walter- I'm at the lower end of mediocre about this one. It's a solid name, and a good choice for many people, just not for me.
    Francis- It doesn't sound feminine, though it does seem just a bit 'stuffy'. It's a pretty solid name though, it's definitely in the top half of my favorites from your list.
    Winslow- Feels like a LN to me (maybe because of that Steve Urkel show a while back, wasn't his neighbords the Winslows?). Not such a fan.
    Winston- I would like the name, but the fact that it's the name of a famous cigarette brand makes it feel almost unusable as a name nowadays.

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    From your list I like William (but I really only like Will) Henry and Oscar.

    Have you considered Gabriel, Milo, Jude, Blake or Maxim
    Fave names: Astrid, Anise, Annika, Cleo, Gabrielle, Holly, Marnie, Mardi, Miranda, Miriam, Poppy, Sydney

    I'm from Australia, so when I'm referring to popularity I'm using Aussie lists.

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    1. William: I know, I know, it's way up there on the popularity lists, but it's for a reason. This is a family name for me and it's just co classic, handsome, with so many name sakes. It means protector too, which is lovely.
    2. Winston: I'm glad to see this on here! I think this is a better option if you're looking for something fresher. Weston is in right now, so Winston feels familiar, while still feeling stylish and quirky.
    3. Edmund: Swoon. I have always loved this name, but I'm not a huge fan of "Ed" so I would be afraid to use it, but it's so gorgeous with so much history and great namesakes again.
    4. Henry: This one is headed on the up, obviously, but it's so cute, classic, sweet, and strong. You can't go wrong. Maybe choose and unexpected nickname? Hal, Hank, Harry.
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    Girls: Lucy, Elena, Lake, Sylvie

    Boys: Jack, Eamon, Sylvan, Theo

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    You sound exactly like me! I can't find a single boys name that is right. My list is much shorter than yours, (only 6 names so far) but it also contains William and Raphael.

    I love William - but am terrified of it because it is #1 where we are. I was once told it has been in the top 10 for a century, so at least it is consistently popular and you aren't choosing a fad name that will date to an era!

    I have mixed feelings about Raphael. I worry that it's the kind of name that might be hard to wear. I can't quite put it in words.

    I think Oliver is gorgeous but know quite a few.

    My son is named Oscar and yes, it is very popular. I am certain he will be referred to as Oscar S at school. I don't regret choosing the name though as it honours a family member.

    I love Winslow. I think it is totally classic, recognisable, yet not popular. When I hear the name Winslow, I think of the artist Winslow Homer.

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