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  • Lionel Hart

    14 14.74%
  • Lionel Zebedee

    1 1.05%
  • Lionel Ambrose

    24 25.26%
  • Philip Amos

    12 12.63%
  • Philip Hugo

    30 31.58%
  • August Ned

    19 20.00%
  • Walter Gideon

    39 41.05%
  • Theodore Lewis

    60 63.16%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Lionel, Philip, August, Walter or Theodore?

    Less than two months to go and we're yet to settle on the name. Nicknames would likely be Lyle for Lionel, Pip for Philip, Gus for August, Walt for Walter and either Teddy or Theo for Theodore.

    Thanks in advance for voting - feedback, as well, would be greatly appreciated! Keep an eye out for a similar poll in the Girls' Names forum.
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    I am a staunch supporter of the name Walter! So thus i voted for it
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    javad Guest
    You can't really go wrong with any of those options. But Lionel Ambrose is pretty close to naming perfection if you ask me. Lionel is just such a great, underused classic, and Ambrose pairs up with it great. Feels both friendly and formal, both creative and classic, just hits the best of all sides.
    My top 3 of your choices would be all the Lionel options, just because I like Lionel so much, after that it'd be really tough for me to chose. Walter is my least favorite of the bunch, but all the other options are almost equal in my mind (but I do like Philip Hugo better than Philip Amos).

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    Voted for Theodore. Lovely name, awesome meaning, and Theo is too cute.
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    Those are some great options! I especially like Ambrose and August since I've used them myself. But I also adore Theodore, not to mention Gideon, Amos, Lewis, Philip...
    I voted for Theodore Lewis and Lionel Hart though. I just loved the sound of LH even though I don't particularly like any of those names. Theodore Lewis is very handsome.
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