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  • Elinor Faye

    19 44.19%
  • Elinor June

    18 41.86%
  • Elinor Rose

    7 16.28%
  • Elinor Wren

    7 16.28%
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    Middle Name for Elinor

    We originally had chosen Eleanor June for our next girl. However we have decided that we like the Elinor spelling better. I'm not sure I like the way Elinor June looks as much as I like Eleanor June so we are looking at middle names. We need a one syllable name that is classic. We can't use Clare, Grace, Kay, Lynn, Ann, Beth and we plan on using Kate with another name. Thanks.

    Also I am a bit hesitant to use Rose since I have a niece named Emily Rose it is very similar to Elinor Rose.
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    June is the best choice; it's a classic and sounds good with Elinor.

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    Love Elinor spelled this way! I'd go with Elinor Faye. Rose is too filler, I agree with you about how June looks with Elinor v Eleanor, and Elinor Wren is too many Rs close together.
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    I had a hard time choosing. They're all pretty fantastic middles. Elinor Faye is my favorite though; it sounds strong and whimsical at the same time.
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    Elinor June

    I still like Elinor June best.
    June comes across as a lot fresher than Faye and Rose with the classic Elinor.
    Elinor Wren feels oddly repetitive when you say it multiple times in a row and sort of turns into Elinauren.
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