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    I love Cleo/Clio a lot better as full names. ^_^ I also love Cleopatra (and know one) and wish it would come back, but I understand it's not everyone's cup of tea.

    How about:

    Cleodal (a glorious woman)
    Cleodora (gift of god)
    Cleofe (clee-oh-fee -- she who shows signs of glory)
    Cleone (clee-oh-nee -- famous/father's glory)

    That's all I got >.< -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I love Clio as a stand alone name! But I also like Cleopatra and suggestions of Cleodora....or Cliona (the nost wearable wearable IMO!)

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    Possibly Clover? Might be a stretch but it could work. Cleo is fine on it's own, imo.

    Cleonie/Cleone is pretty, I've never heard that before!
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    Thanks for all the ideas! I'm still trying to convince my DH to take Cleo just as it is, but its good to have some other options to present him with. Recently he said he might like Cleo better if we spelled it with a K, so Kleo. I for some reason just don't like that as much, I sometimes think he just wants to have had some hand in the name picking, if that makes sense.

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