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    The ones that I really love from your list are:
    Rosalie Skye
    Jocelyn Raine
    Felicity Emily Rose

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    Thank you lizzard21 for your reply - Hero Bronwen K, Honor Bronmai K, Heulwen Brianna or Bronte K - I don't really like these - Not many people do but being traditionally welsh and my boyfriend being Irish they are tradiotonal names from them places.
    Kadie-Lynn Lilianna K - I think the Lynn and Lilianna is too many Ls, but other than that I like it fine - What other name do you think would be ok I like Kadie-Lynn but having a Amy-Louise I dont want too many hyphenated names in one family.
    Rosalie Skye K - LOVE! I really love Rosalie, and Skye is on my guilty pleasure list. Love the pair of a traditional name with something riskier - Yeah just gotta try and persude my boyfriend as he's not sure on Rosalie.
    Savannah Evelyn or Evelyn Savannah K - I really like Savannah Evelyn! - Me too just kinda worried about S.E.K (Sounds like Sick).
    Cheyenne MacKynzie K - not a fan of Cheyenne... love MacKynzie .
    MacKynzie Skye K - I really like this, other than I think it is too much Y. Mackenzie Skye looks nicer, in my opinion. - I like Mackenzie but it's too plane and it's common. I like MacKynzie because it's not common.
    Courtney Emily or Courtney Jade or Courtney Love - Courtney Jade is the best, Emily has the same ending, and I don't like Love as a name - What othe names would Emily go with as I'd wanna have it in a name.
    Lyndsey Marie or Lyndsey Amelia or Lyndsey Emily - Lindsey Marie, I like this one - .
    Lucinda Anastacia or Lucinda Jayne - I like Lucinda Anastasia - .
    Felicity Emily Rose or Felicity Edna Rose K - I really like Felicity with the nickname Lissie! Felicity Emily. - Not many people do like Felicity. Lissie or Fliss would be the nick name. I like this one. - Just wanted Rose after my nan in a name.

    Thank you krismichelle

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    Thank you Jtucker I'm just conserned with Felicity Emily Rose about F.E.R.K being initals

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