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    long list of girls names

    Hero Bronwen K
    Honor Bronmai K
    Heulwen Brianna or Bronte K
    Kianna-Jay K
    Kadie-Lynn Lilianna K
    Jocelyn Raine K - I like Jocelyn Emily Rose but it spells J.E.R.K :/.
    Rosalie Skye K
    Savannah Evelyn or Evelyn Savannah K
    Cheyenne MacKynzie K
    MacKynzie Skye K
    Courtney Emily or Courtney Jade or Courtney Love.
    Lyndsey Marie or Lyndsey Amelia or Lyndsey Emily
    Lucinda Anastacia or Lucinda Jayne
    Felicity Emily Rose or Felicity Edna Rose K

    Any other middles names for Felicty, Courtney, Cheyenne, MacKynzie, Rosalie, Jocelyn, Savannah, Kadie-Lynn, Kianna. Or H.B names.

    Sibling is Amy-Louise. - Just name planning.
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