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    long list of girls names

    Hero Bronwen K
    Honor Bronmai K
    Heulwen Brianna or Bronte K
    Kianna-Jay K
    Kadie-Lynn Lilianna K
    Jocelyn Raine K - I like Jocelyn Emily Rose but it spells J.E.R.K :/.
    Rosalie Skye K
    Savannah Evelyn or Evelyn Savannah K
    Cheyenne MacKynzie K
    MacKynzie Skye K
    Courtney Emily or Courtney Jade or Courtney Love.
    Lyndsey Marie or Lyndsey Amelia or Lyndsey Emily
    Lucinda Anastacia or Lucinda Jayne
    Felicity Emily Rose or Felicity Edna Rose K

    Any other middles names for Felicty, Courtney, Cheyenne, MacKynzie, Rosalie, Jocelyn, Savannah, Kadie-Lynn, Kianna. Or H.B names.

    Sibling is Amy-Louise. - Just name planning.
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    I like:

    Katie (This spelling)

    The others are not my style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by boyandgirl View Post
    I like:

    Katie (This spelling)

    The others are not my style.
    I don't like Katie which is why I'v got Kadie but Kadie can be said Katie.

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    From the list I like...
    Hero Bronwen
    Rosalie Skye
    Both Savannah Evelyn and Evelyn Savannah
    Felicity Emily Rose

    Felicity Katherine
    Courtney Louise
    Cheyenne Matilda - really dislike Cheyenne I think it's culturally insensitive to use the name of indigenous people of the Great Plains. It's their cultural name and shouldn't be used on children who are not of this heritage similarly with the non-Jewish people using the name Cohen.
    MacKynzie Scarlett - uh MacKynzie is awful.
    Rosalie Charlotte
    Jocelyn Sophia
    Savannah Caitlin
    Kadie-Lynn Willow - this spelling of Katie screams 'mean girls' to me apart from it was Cady. Still mean girls and dodgy.
    Kianna Margaret - not my style

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    I love Hero, Rosalie, Evelyn, Lucinda, and Felicity!
    I like Honor, Jocelyn, and Savannah.
    Cheyenne and Courtney are alright, but seem a bit dated. Same with Lyndsey. Courtney Love is a famous person.
    Kadie-Lynn and MacKynzie frankly seem like made up smushes of names. I would not recommend these at all.
    Heulwen would be impossible to pronounce if you live in the US, so I wouldn't recommend it.
    I just don't like Kianna.
    Lily - Eliza - Isabelle - Rose - Margaret - Coraline - Emilia - Hazel
    Oliver - Simon - Jasper - Theodore - Henry - Leopold - Ezra - Jack

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