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    Amy-Louise is cute! Seconding Hero, Rosalie, Felicity and Lucinda. Of your Felicity combos I think Edna Rose flows better. Same with Lucinda Jayne, but Lucinda Anastacia is prettier IMO.

    And yeah, I'd stay away from Courtney Love.
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    Amy Louise is adorable! On your list I like Rosalie, Felicity, and Lucinda. I prefer Felicity Edna Rose and Lucinda Janye as middle names.

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    Thank You geeknamezyo & Kittylover44. - My boyfriend picked her name . Hehe Rosalie, Felicity and Lucinda are the names my boyfriend are not keen on. I love Felicity Edna Rose would you say initals would be ok being F.E.R.K (K being surname) Edna Rose is a combination of both our nan's names (Edna May & Phyllis Beatrice Rose). I love Lucinda Jayne (Lucie for short).

    tori101 - Thank you for your reply.
    Felicity Katherine - I like this one but I have a friend called Katherine so slighlty worried on that. I'm also not a fan of F.K.K being initals but F.C.K would be ok aslong as I dont add a U name between Felicity and Catherine hehe.
    Courtney Louise - I like this but already have a Amy-Louise so i'm not a fan of 2 Louise's.
    Cheyenne Matilda - really dislike Cheyenne I think it's culturally insensitive to use the name of indigenous people of the Great Plains. It's their cultural name and shouldn't be used on children who are not of this heritage similarly with the non-Jewish people using the name Cohen. - I just love the way Cheyenne looks.
    MacKynzie Scarlett - uh MacKynzie is awful. - I have actually heard of a little girl with spelling of MacKynzie.
    Rosalie Charlotte - I like but I have a cousin called Charlotte and my daughter already has her middle name Louise and I don't want her to get big headded.
    Jocelyn Sophia - I love Jocelyn but I hate the name Sophia/Sophie due to personal reasons I dont wanna say.
    Savannah Caitlin - I love this name I considered Catelynn as a name but I know someone whos named her little girl Catilin and shes not a fan of people copying her kids name.
    Kadie-Lynn Willow - this spelling of Katie screams 'mean girls' to me apart from it was Cady. Still mean girls and dodgy. - It can be said Katie but I hate the name so I wouldnt use Katie (no offence to any Katie's), I'd be calling her Kay-dee. I like Willow with it though. I have also heard of a KadieLynn.
    Kianna Margaret - not my style - I dont like Margaret.

    I love Hero, Rosalie, Evelyn, Lucinda, and Felicity! - .
    I like Honor, Jocelyn, and Savannah.
    Cheyenne and Courtney are alright, but seem a bit dated. Same with Lyndsey. Courtney Love is a famous person. - I didnt realise that opps. - I know a 2 year old and 6 year old both called Courtney I also know a Courtney who's a boy who's like 16. I dunno why but I'v always love Lyndsey.
    Kadie-Lynn and MacKynzie frankly seem like made up smushes of names. I would not recommend these at all. - I have always loved Kadie as a name and Lynn is my aunts name but I'm just worried at what my mum would say as she doesn't get on with my aunt. - MacKynzie see above.
    Heulwen would be impossible to pronounce if you live in the US, so I wouldn't recommend it. - I have family in the US who i'm staying with at the moment but I am moving back to Wales in just under a month's time. hail-when is how you pronounce this for people who didnt know.

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    Hero Bronwen K, Honor Bronmai K, Heulwen Brianna or Bronte K - I don't really like these
    Kianna-Jay K - not my style at all
    Kadie-Lynn Lilianna K - I think the Lynn and Lilianna is too many Ls, but other than that I like it fine
    Jocelyn Raine K - I like Jocelyn Emily Rose but it spells J.E.R.K :/. - I like Raine, but I have always disliked Jocelyn for no particular reason.
    Rosalie Skye K - LOVE! I really love Rosalie, and Skye is on my guilty pleasure list. Love the pair of a traditional name with something riskier
    Savannah Evelyn or Evelyn Savannah K - I really like Savannah Evelyn!
    Cheyenne MacKynzie K - not a fan of Cheyenne... love MacKynzie
    MacKynzie Skye K - I really like this, other than I think it is too much Y. Mackenzie Skye looks nicer, in my opinion
    Courtney Emily or Courtney Jade or Courtney Love - Courtney Jade is the best, Emily has the same ending, and I don't like Love as a name
    Lyndsey Marie or Lyndsey Amelia or Lyndsey Emily - Lindsey Marie, I like this one
    Lucinda Anastacia or Lucinda Jayne - I like Lucinda Anastasia
    Felicity Emily Rose or Felicity Edna Rose K - I really like Felicity with the nickname Lissie! Felicity Emily.
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    My favorite from your list is Rosalie Skye. I would be super sweet for a little sister to Amy-Louise.
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