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    Emrys: I would pronounce it Em-Ris. I like it, but I guess this goes against your preferred pronunciation.

    Kale is a vegetable, not a name. I'm sorry, but that's just the way it is. A delicious vegetable, it's true, but definitely a vegetable. I can't believe it's listed on this site as a name.

    Emmerich I don't like primarily due to the spelling. Is it pronounced Em-me-rick or Em-me-rich? Either way, I can't say I love it. Merrick is fine, though!

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    I automatically read Em-Ris.
    Kale is vegetably but Cael would fix that and I like Cael
    Emmerich spelling poses a problem.
    Merrick I like but nn might be Merri
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    I'd pronounce in Em-rees. And I just looked it up... being a Welsh nae, it should be pronounced Em-rees. I don't see it as girly, just a bit magical (due to Merlin). Kale is a veggy. Could it be short for something else? Caelum? Merrick reminds me of someone talking about the Civil War ship, the Merrimack, while chewing gum/ eating an egg. Callen's ok, albeit trendy... I do love the nn Cal. Emmerich is a bit too much for me... like I feel slightly overwhelmed when I first see it an need to figure out how to pronounce it. I'd assume Emma-rick. I much prefer Emrys... have you also considered Emyr? It's another Welsh name (Em-eer, similar in pronunciation to Emir).
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    Emrys is a great great name, it's in our own top 4 (perhaps currently the front-runner for us). However, I'm fairly certain the correct Welsh pronunciation is em-riss (Rhys sounds like rees, where Rys sounds like riss) I'm not a Welsh speaker myself, but I've done quite a bit of research on this particular name. I personally don't find it girly at all, has some similar sound qualities to names like Emmett/Emmerich/Emerson, which have no feminine name qualities according to my ear. If you don't like the 'riss' sound, but like the 'rees' sound a lot, what about going for the name Rhys?
    Kale, I don't like. It is indeed vegetably. And neither do I like Kade. Sounds like almost Kate, but not quite, almost Kaden, but not quite (I assume Kaden/Kayden/etc is a name nowadays, 'Aiden' sound with a random letter thrown in front (in this case a K)). Either way, Kale and Kade I don't like even a little bit.
    Emmerich is a great name (whichever spelling you go for-- Emeric is another option-- though I prefer Emmerich the best). Was floating around my top 10 for awhile. But I like Emrys quite a lot more.
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    I pronounce Emrys as em-ris, and it is one of my favorite names.
    I don't like Kale, but I love Cael. especially since it was one of my ancestors names from the 10th century. to me Kale/Cale/Cael and Callan are too similar.
    Kade is too trendy
    Emmerich is too close to Merrick and Merrick is the better name
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