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    A Couple of Questions

    First of all Emrys... How do you pronounce it and is this spelling ok? Is it em Rees or em ris? I love the first way of pronouncing it, but not the latter. What do you think of the name? Is it too girly? Our other boys names are Merrick Liam and Callen Thomas.

    Second, what about Kale? Is it too vegetabley? Do you like Kale or Kade better?

    Last of all, Emmerich. We love this name but I'm guessing we would have to do either Merrick or Emmerich. they sound too similar huh?


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    I really love Emrys. I pronounce it Em-rees. It's not girly. It is perfect !

    I dislike Kale. No class, too short.
    Emmerich (this spelling is too much for me, I prefer Emeric) is too close to Merrick.

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    Hi there... Here is my opinion. Merick personally sounds like Maverick and Derek smashed together, I do not like it. Kale does sound vegetabley, IMO. Vegetabley, ha ha. Emerick or however you like to spell it has the same vibe as Merick, in my opinion. Stick with Callen
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    I'm no expert since I don't know anyone with the name, but I believe it's Em-Rhis

    Emmerich and Merrick are too close IMO and honestly Emmerich sounds a bit feminine since the first syllable isn't cut off the way Emmett and Emerson is--it sounds like Emma-Rick to me.

    I think Kale is okay as a middle, I'm not wild about it but it's okay. I prefer Kane to either Kale or Kade.
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    Emrys - Whichever way it's pronounced, I'm not a huge fan. It's not that it sounds feminine to me, I just don't like it.
    Emmerich and Merrick are definitely too close. My favorite of the two is Merrick. I think Kale is fine.

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