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    Celina! Very fresh, classic and pretty. Works beautifully with your last name. Amelia to me is nice but plain. I prefer the spelling Emilia. Xo

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    I like Amelia. Can you tell us what your style is for middle names?
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    Celina Davis makes me think of a mix of Celine Dion and Selena Quintanilla.
    Which would be awesome if you could ensure she'd have an amazing voice but since that's difficult to you.
    I'd vote for Amelia (despite it being much more popular). Amelia Davis is beautiful.
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    I adore Amelia (it's my daughter's mn)! Beautiful name. Lots of nn options. Strong historical figures and role models with that name. That said, if popularity is a big concern for you, you'll probably prefer Celina, as Amelia is no. 1 in the UK and no. 30 in the US at the moment.

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