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Thread: Name Imagery

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    Name Imagery

    For each name, describe how you imagine someone with that name. Afterwards, you can choose three names for the names next person (you can reuse names). If it's a unisex name, specify.

    Morganna - I imagine a beautiul young woman in university with dark hair and piercing eyes. She is quiet, mysterious, a little shy, and very witty. She loves to read and enyoys studying nature.

    Beatrice - I think of a 5 year old girl with a braid who always speaks her mind and makes adults laugh with her bluntness and large vocabulary. She is curious, and asks questions about everything. She is very confident, and loves to wear pretty dresses.

    Charlie (Male) - I imagine a young, sandy haired guy with a great sense of humour. He is lighthearted, and doesn't take life too seriously. Charlie loves to go to the beach and surf, and always has a right smile on his face.

    Next - Edmund, Augustine (female), Corinne

    Have fun!

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    Edmund -- Tall and skinny, black glasses, about 16 years old, very intelligent and quiet. A bit conniving. Has dark brown hair and brown eyes. Dresses like a hipster, just trying to fit in.

    Augustine -- Very intelligent, very bohemian, vegetarian, loves animals, especially dogs and has three; all rescued; a chocolate lab/boxer mix named Moondreamer, a chow/black lab mix named Boyd, and a Puggle named Blanche. She is around 20 years of age, attending college with a major in Citrus; students learn about “planting, irrigating, weed management, pruning, fertilizers, pest identification and management, and other aspects of tree management working with on-campus collection of many varieties of citrus trees. She has long blonde hair green eyes and mostly dresses in long flowing skirts or dresses

    Corinne -- A major snob. Wears her hair big and teased, 1980s -ish. 17 years old, blonde haired and blue eyed. Very thing and suffers from anorexia. Very popular, average student. Loves school because she gets to bully the other non popular kids. Rolls her eyes whenever one of the unpopular kids tries to talk to her. Cheerleader, studen council vice president, home coming queen. Dresses in only named brand clothes, wouldn't be caught dead in anything else.

    Next: Siobhan, Gardena, Matyo
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