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    Worry wheel has been spinning too long!

    We are expecting our 2nd child in as little as 2 months, and after MONTHS of sifting through blogs, forums, databases, and general lists of name after name (thousands), we have a couple names, ONE for each sex. We do not know if we are having a boy or a girl, we have one daughter whom we named Jazmine; her name came readily and as soon as it touched my husbands ears, he was settled. I feel desensitized by most names, or that I/we have heard them at least once or 20x before, and some of them we loved, but knew deep down, it just wasn't "us".

    Our boys name pick is Draiven.

    Our girls name pick is Emberlin.

    That is it. I felt in love with these names for months (husband is settled!) and then I suddenly felt unsure about them and that they were somehow wrong or unfitting. I feel like we have settled! Why? I fear his name may be too far out there, and after searching and searching, it was THEE only one we both jumped at.

    Emberlin, well, I saw it and just fell in LOVE with it, until I realized we would probably call her Ember (the part of the name we love) and said it with our last name; Ember Berg***.... doesn't sound BAD, but I worry it's a garble.

    We have found no other boys names we can agree on, I do like Korbin or Korvin, but husband hasn't said yay or nay, he was just "listening" to me ramble One other girl name we briefly considered was Janessa. He likes Phoebe; I do not, but I found a possible compromise with, Sephora. We do use short names in our house, but can't think of one for Sephora.

    If you have any thoughts or something to contribute, feel free! Otherwise, thank you for just letting me rant my worries out of my head!!!
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    The problem I see with Draiven is that the spelling and pronounciation won't come easily to people and I don't think it works with your last name or your current daughter's name.

    Emberlin isn't my style but it has a sweetness to it, I can see it working with Jazmine, however keep in mind they both have the same sound ending. You're right that Ember doesn't sound quite right with Berg. Sephora is lovely, I knew a girl with this name and she went by Saffy and Effie.

    How about:

    Lazaro (the Z sound is a nice match with the Z in Jasmine)
    Xavier (Z sound again)
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    Xavier and Xander or Zavier/Zander were always on my list since I was very little, but husband does not like them! I also threw in Jasper, Tristan, Quinn, (all no's) and for a a bit we were set with Lucien, but I didn't want my proposed son coming home with stories of being called Lucy! We find it harder to come up with boys names, and when we do, we don't agree.
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    All I can think of when you say Emberlin is the band Anberlin which is a cool band so it's not bad or anything. I like Ember but I think the lin is kinda unnecessary. Draven isn't exactly my style though. What about other names that have the en/in/an ending?

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    Sephora nn. Sephie? It reminds me of make up, but it's cute. I also like Janessa - like a combination of Jessica and Vanessa, but more uncommon. I like Emberlin or Emberly, but do not like Amber and I would be afraid people would mix them up. I am not a fan of Draiven, but then I would probably use Douglas as that's my dad's name (although the meaning doesn't sit well with me).
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