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    I much prefer Sephora or Cyrus over Emberlin or Draiven. I do like Ember (not so much with the -lin ending) but not with your surname. Another nn for Sephora is Ora which I find adORAble.
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    Sephora is a makeup chain (at least where I am), so while it's pretty I'm not particular to that association. It DOES go with Jazmin really well though.

    Cyrus is cool. I didn't like it at first either, but the more I heard it and tried it out, it grew on me. Plus Cy is a neat nickname.

    I really like Emberlin! And I'd use Emmy as a nickname, not Ember, and Emmy Berg sounds fine.

    Draiven is also AWESOME, no matter the origin/meaning. It just sounds very classic and kind of dark, like Damien or Devon, but not so common.

    So I like your first two names better, but your second ones go better with Jazmin as a sibset.
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    I actually like Sephora a lot, despite the makeup brand. You could use nicknames Sora or Sophie (a bit of a stretch, but I think it's fine).

    Cyrus is much better than Draiven. Have you considered Draco or Drake instead of Draiven?
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    Husband is as particular as I am, if you were in the same room with us during one of these naming conversations your eyes would pop and roll and you would run out of popcorn I still have a soft spot for Emberlin and Draiven, but I know they are just not "it". Especially with our last name. I am not fond of Em, Emma, or Emmy for nn's, and any combo I found in Emberlin, just didn't work for us. Same with Draiven. We do us nn's so it's important to us to be able to shorten it for something casual, but I didn't want a son referred to as "Dre" or Ray. Janessa was the same because of nn's, my Grandma was Janet, Jan, and I don't want to think of her every time we say our daughter's nn, also, not fond of Ness, Nessa, or Nessie! ( I think of Kristen Stewart; "you named my daughter after the Loch Ness monster?") I have suggested sooo many names to husband, he is just as finicky as I am, looking for something just off the beaten path without a neon sign, perhaps "dark" but I like to think of it as edgy, and strong. Our next revised list was narrowed down so far most suggestions from these pages received a nay from one party or the other, but we took them all and tried them, so thank you to those of you who have contributed to our cause!!! Now, I can't help but want to change the spelling from Cyrus to Cyress. That's where I can sneak in that "edge" I like, just like the "z" with Jaz!

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    *After post* The only issue I had with "Cy" was that the shortened name would be "Cy Berg" and the first thing I thought of was Cyborg! But hey, there are a LOT worse things I've come across, and in any case, with his middle name, I may just end up calling him C.J., who knows...

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