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    Very interesting. I'm the eldest and have a younger brother. I definitely bossed him around as a kid and still do now! He didn't really get "girly" hand-me-downs - my parents bought him his own boys things.
    Same. My brother is three years younger than me but we're really close and have exactly the same sense of humour He's utterly useless at anything household chore wise though and mum let's him get away with doing very little which irks me somewhat! She says that men are just naturally less tidy. I don't know how far she actually means that but I don't agree with it at all; my brother is perfectly capable of cleaning a shower etc he's just too lazy to do it properly.

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    Interesting, I'm older than my brother and my mother raised us on her own for most of our early childhood. My brother is now married and seems to do everything in his house for his wife, cook, clean, house repairs and is the main bread winner. Don't know how that fits into your pattern.

    I have 2 boys and a girl and am expecting another girl, so I wonder how that will pan out.
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    Well my husband is the youngest of 4, he has 3 older sisters. Honestly, he's a total nerd. If anything he got his shy, quietness, due to his loud mouth older sisters! I wouldn't say he has "girly" qualities. He likes to make/build things, play video games, he is a programmer, etc....

    He grew up playing legos and often had to BEG his sisters to play with him.

    The ONLY time he ever wanted to play with girl things was because he wanted his sisters to play with him. He had a barbie at one point, but that was because his sister's played barbie.... So basically I disagree, maybe they are pulled towards girly things, but I think it's just an attention thing, not a feminine thing.

    Now that they are older, they get along great, but I definitely think he could have used a brother or maybe a more tomboyish sister when he was younger.

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