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    Baby name planning

    Me and my boyfriend are planning our future boys names.

    My partner wants a name with the initals H.B.K (K being Surname). - Harvey, Harry, Hayden are ruled out. We don't like older names like Henry. We don't like Surnames as names (Common ones like Jordan and Bentley).

    What do you think of Freddie Dafydd or Freddie Dafydd Leon.

    I like Bradley Shawn. - But was thinking of using it as middle name for the first one.

    I used to like Sheldon Robert Edward/Robert James but in a way i'm going off Sheldon as a name. I also like Cory/Corey Robert Edward/Robert James.
    Any other first names to go with Robert Edward or Robert James.

    I am not pregnant just planning. - Sibling Amy-Louise

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