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    My little girl is here!!! :)

    Hi, So our baby girl is finally here! I went into labor on Sunday and had her a few hours later. She is adorable and sweet, can't get enough of her, so in love!! And we ended up naming her....

    Eloise Ruby

    I love it!! And everyone else seems to feel the same way too .

    Big brother Robby and big sister Violet are also doing great and are happy to have a new baby sister!

    I wanted to thank everyone on Nameberry so much for all of your help with naming my new little one!! It wasn't easy but in the end, Eloise just felt right and fits her perfectly. I love that it's old fashioned, has a French feel, is three syllables, classic, has great nn's if we choose to use them later on, not too popular right now, and how it fits nicely with my other children's names as well. It's Perfect! Also love how spunky, playful, and sweet the mn Ruby is while still being old fashioned.

    Right now we aren't using any nicknames and everyone else uses her full name too. I love it too much to shorten it! haha. In the future we will probably use the nn Elle sometimes. And also maybe lulu, Lola, and Lowie. All so fun and pretty! But are going to play that by ear.

    Once again, thank you all sooo very much!!
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    Congratulations, you sound happy! Eloise Ruby is a truly beautiful name, and lovely with Roddy and Violet.

    Enjoy your baby lots and lots!
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    Congrats on your lovely little girl!

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    Ooh, Congratulations! Eloise Ruby is just darling! what a gem! So happy for you

    3 is sure busy, but so much fun
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    Congratulations on your little blessing Eloise Ruby! Beautiful name!

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