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    I am so sad! I just found out the one of the new teenage moms on Teen Mom 3 (a ridiculous show on MTV that glamorizes pregnant teens) named her baby Arabella. One of my daughter's names is Arabella which is both a family name (a great great grandmother that was actually a Lady in England) and one that I chose for its sophistication. I may not want to know the truth, but do you guys think this name will now be associated with this show & tarnished because of it?
    So sad

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    Heavens, no. Arabella is a lovely name, and I think a lot of people including me avoid shows like Teen Mom. Don't worry about it! Even now that I know, the name is not tarnished in my opinion.

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    They won't remember it. Nobody remembers everything they heard on TV.
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    That is kind of a bummer, but it's just a pop culture fad. Once our Arabella's get older, I can't imagine anyone will be relating them to some kid on Teen Mom. Hardly anyone will remember. It's a lovely name and one pop culture blip won't change that
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    There are a lot more people who don't watch Teen Mom than those that do. I honestly do not think the Teen Mom association will stick around long, if it does at all. Arabella was already a common name before the show came out so it's not like it's some obscure name that would make it more likely to be associated with the show because it's rare.
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