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    What do you think of Elodie?

    I only recently heard the name Elodie (pronounced like Melody, without the M) and I must admit I'm slightly in love with it. It's of French origin, but from the little research I've done it isn't even that popular in France.

    I'd love people's opinions on it. Is it stunning or is it too "out there"? Would it be weird to use it as we've no French heritage?

    Also, if there are any French Berries out there who could weigh in with their thoughts that would be great too

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    I love both Melody and Elodie, but Elodie is my favorite. Love, girly, gentle and feminine names with letter "l".
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    I like Elodie a lot, but I do pronounce it a bit differently than Melody without the 'M'. I place the emphasis on the last syllable instead of the first and give the second syllable a longer 'o'. It's more like elle-oh-DEE than ELLE-uh-dee, if that makes sense. In French, it would be pronounced more like ay-loe-DEE, as there is usually an acute accent over the first 'E', (i.e., Élodie). I think a lot of people pronounce it the way you do though.

    Anyway, I don't think it's too out there at all. It fits in the other popular girls names that begin with 'El-' and and with '-ie'. I also don't think it's too 'foreign', if that makes sense. There's no crazy spelling or specific phoneme that would be difficult for an English speaker to pronounce. For what it's worth, I do know one little baby Elodie who has no French heritage (that I'm aware of).
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    This name is on my list too!! Me and my boyfriend love it and it fits with the middle name May so well (which for us isn't a filler, it's a family name). The only thing that kinda annoyed me was when I ran it by my sister and she said "Melody?" and I said no Elodie and she said "yeah it's nice but people are gonna think you just forgot the M" -_____- my dad doesn't like it either.

    but they're not name lovers like us! I personally loveeee the name
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    I love Elodie!! I think it's adorable. Also, I don't think it's too out there or that it matters what your heritage is. I know an 8 year old Elodie (Who recently moves to the US from France), a 4 year old Elodie, and a couple baby Elodies. I think it's perfect!!
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