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    wdyto sibset

    Mackenzie (b), phoebe ... Then Leo, teddy, alfie, logan, Leighton, charlie.. and felicity, lily mae, and chloe (don't know how many more children we may have)
    Daphne 🌺 Phoebe 🌺 Demi 🌺 Aoife 🍀 Teagan 🍀 Maisie 🍀 Chelsea
    Mackenzie 💙 Brodie 💙 Macaulay 💙 Christopher 💙 Declan 💙 Cavan 💙 Logan 💙 Patrick 💙 Kian 💙 Shay 💙 Shane 💙 Sawyer & 💙 Oakley.

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    TBH, I think it is all over the place, and I don't like nicknames as formal names. Theodore, Alfred, Charles would be great (I would cut out Leo) and Felicity, Lily Margaret and Chloe would be nice as well, but I think Mackenzie doesn't go well with the sibset at all.

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