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    Post Honoring a friend but can't think of how!

    So, I would like to somehow honor my absolute best friend Aubrey with part of a future babies name. Her middle name is Susan and her last name is very Irish and has the name Neil in it. I haven't really fallen in love with any Bre- names or Sue names and I'm running outta ideas :/

    I thought that I could honor her by giving my son the first or middle name Neil. I love that name, love the meaning, and have positive associations with it. Butttt my boyfriend does not. He wants to honor his lifetime best friend, Tyler Keith. I thought a good choice would be Neil Tyler but he just hates Neil.

    Anyway, it could be a girls name or boys name. Use both Aubrey and Tyler or just one. I'm not as concerned with Tyler's name cause it's easy to use. Help!

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