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    name for twin sisters of Alexander and Eleanora

    I'm having twin girls in less than two months and I am completely blanking on names the girls have an older brother named Alexander Matthias and an older sister named Eleanora Catherine.

    I had Josephine, Rosamond, and Juliette on my list but now I'm second guessing myself. Maelys is also one that keep ri

    I want a long-ish name something that is sweet and feminine that also goes well with Alexander and Eleanora and I am just completely out of ideas

    Any suggestions? I appreciate all of the input!

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    I totally misread the heading and thought it said "twins Alexandra and Eleanora" and I just thought.... wow that's stunning too bad my name is Alexandra now I can't have twins by those names.

    Here are some the the longer names on my list that I think you might like:
    Aurora/Aurelia (these would probably be lower on my list because you already have a kick-ass A name)
    Josephine (yeah I would have suggested it anyway even if you hadn't listed it above)

    (yeah apparently I like the feminizations quite a bit).
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