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Thread: Arabella

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    Oh God, you really believe people remember names of some obscure children, they saw few years ago? I doubt posters on this topic remembers commercials they saw four nights ago, why would anyone say "Once our Arabella's get older, I can't imagine anyone will be relating them to some kid on Teen Mom." I really really, doubt person who first heard of Arabella on this show will remember it next day.
    Sorry for bad English, I am from other country

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    I've never seen Teen Mom but I think if every name that was on a TV show became popular it would get ridiculous. Some take off, very few don't. If it's one of those shows where they focus on a different family every week it's definitely not going to becomepopular.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scarletrune View Post
    There are a lot more people who don't watch Teen Mom than those that do. I honestly do not think the Teen Mom association will stick around long, if it does at all. Arabella was already a common name before the show came out so it's not like it's some obscure name that would make it more likely to be associated with the show because it's rare.
    I really didn't think Arabella is popular. It is #300 or something. So, now I am scared the type of people who watch Teen Mom will get the idea to use this name and it will get very popular (and with a Teen Mom watching crowd)

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