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    Quote Originally Posted by alexa400 View Post
    Um I keep getting a warning sign saying that I need to log in my username and password to view a page, I think it's a hacker or something seeing as when I refuse I'm still allowed in.... I just wanted to warn people, and ask if anyone else is having this problem?
    Yeah, when I click the x or cancel, I'm still allowed to view the page. It's still not a fun glitch.

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    Another thread was created about the "login pop up screen as well" seems like its effecting everyone. Rather annoying - it sometimes lies seems to pop up for me when I try to post and consequently erases my response.
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    I was able to add names and save them to my private name lists today. Yipee! It's working again.
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    I found another bug with the new site: On the "Coolator" and "Exoticizer" lists, it only lists the names that were from the leftmost column on the original lists (and does not list the other names that would be the more exotic or cool alternatives).

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    Is anyone else having the issue with trying to change their icon or profile picture...?
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