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    I am not a huge fan of the new Nameberry. Maybe I am just resistant to change, but it seems slower and doesn't load up nearly as quick as it used to. Sometimes it is so slow to load, I have avoided coming on here completely. There have been a few times over the past couple of days that the threads wouldn't even load at all.

    (I use a pc not a phone or a tablet)

    It does look nice though.
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    Is anyone else having trouble getting to different pages in a thread? When I click on a page number, a "jump to page" box pops up, but when I click on the box to enter a number, it disappears. This means I can only read the first and last pages of a thread, and the site seems reluctant to let me go back and forth between first and last pages. I have to click several times... Or maybe it's just slow again! Weird.
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    I'm not too fond of the new nameberry right now. It took me 3 tries to log in, and it kept on freezing. It shows a lot of jumbled up colors and words at first and then freezes. Is this happening to anyone else?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pam View Post
    I don't really understand what people are saying about all the white in the forums as I see pale green and a thin striped line between each comment. Are you all seeing that too or is that missing for some people or on some devices? Or is it just that it's MOSTLY white?
    On my desktop at work, I logged in and could see the green for the first time...just a very pale green background for each forum comment and then the darker shade for the date and the "report/reply/reply with quote" bar. On my laptop, and my home desktop, I can only see the darker shade and it looks much lighter than it does on my work desktop. I cannot see any of the soft shades of green on my laptop, but if I look really closely, I can see where the green should be now that I know where to look. It's rendered as a very subtle off-white, almost like they added one shade of grey (or green perhaps?). Like I said, I had to look very closely to even see that. At first glance, the whole page looks white except for the date and reply bars and the thin line of colors in between each comment.

    I think this problem is due to the differences in the way monitors/screens display colors. My humble suggestion would be to darken each green in the forums by just a shade or two, because apparently it's so pale right now that some displays just render it as an off-white.

    As a postscript, I too love the orange highlights, and in light of all the gender stereotype discussions on the forums lately, I think "non-gendered" colors like the orange and the green are a great choice.
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    Like it so far! Love, love, love the colors.

    DH was even impressed and he is a self described "snob" as it pertains to websites.
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