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    Not getting that I've started every thread now, but if I click 'reply' on a post, it comes up with the quote even though I didn't click on 'reply with quote'. Anyone else getting this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by essjay View Post
    Not getting that I've started every thread now, but if I click 'reply' on a post, it comes up with the quote even though I didn't click on 'reply with quote'. Anyone else getting this?
    Yes! I'll put this on the list of fixes.

    Hi everyone, I just wanted to check in. We have a long list of bugs for Hugh to work through along with creating the new features we're introducing over the next week or two. So many of these issues are going to be resolved.

    I'll keep checking back in to see what's fixed and what isn't and what new problems pop up. We did have a very slow-load period today.

    Meanwhile, I don't really understand what people are saying about all the white in the forums as I see pale green and a thin striped line between each comment. Are you all seeing that too or is that missing for some people or on some devices? Or is it just that it's MOSTLY white?
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    For me, the only color is the stripe of color between the comments. To me, the background is pure white and everything else is mostly white too so there's a lot of white space just filling the whole screen. -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Having most of the same issues everyone else is having.

    All the white is definitely a bit overwhelming on the forums, I agree. Even on the main site, it's so much text hanging out in white space. I feel like it needs some borders. Didn't there used to be a border around the daily popular names? A circle around it? And I feel like the ticker at the top would look better if it was a different color on the edges, and where the names go is white. Does that make sense? Right now, it's just text on white, pictures on white, links on white, etc. WHITE WHITE WHITE. Granted, that's just a stylistic choice, but a lot of white is hard on the eyes. At least, my eyes.

    On the main site, everything is so... big. It's fine on my desktop and my phone (haven't check it on my tablet yet) but on my netbook, it's enormous and doesn't seem to scale down. Everything just sort of smooshes together, and I end up having to scroll down, down, down to see the whole page. I use the latest version of Firefox on both computers, so I don't think it's a browser issue.

    Also, on my own lists, I used to be able to view the names in alphabetical order, as well as highest to lowest rating. Are those no longer options or am I not seeing it?

    The new site looks best on my desktop, by far. I'm glad I jumped on here after getting on my netbook because it looked horrible on my netbook and I got sad. Also, the name thing is fixed, but when I jumped on the other day and saw my name on topics I hadn't started I freaked out and thought someone had stolen my account and was spamming. Haha!

    PS: Loving the orange when I select text. I love orange!
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    I agree about the too much white thing, and I am also having most of the same issues everyone else is having still.

    On a different note, when you pull up an individual name's page, is the tab on the top supposed to just say 'Pop Culture References' without the name itself?

    Here's a picture of what I mean...
    Capture 2.jpg
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