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    The new colors and design are okay (I'm not one to like change :P). But I LOVE The Bonus Blog, very good idea... so thank you . I haven't looked through the database yet but I believe someone said ALL names are listed when you are browsing through? Awesome! I've been waiting for that update. Also, I like the rating system MUCH better. It was confusing and kind of a hassle because it was almost like every single day I could give or take half a star or so from every name I just voted on the day before. Plus "meh" may mean two stars to someone, while two stars means "dislike" to someone else. So, I like new the solid answers.

    Now to the bugs/glitches/problems I've encountered so far..
    What I'm using in very simple maybe useful terms (?, haha): Windows Vista computer w/Firefox and iPhone w/Safari.
    I wasn't here to experience the every single post was made by me thing, but yes, the outer forums still shows my name for everything.
    The little thumbs up/meh/down pictures are broken to me (E005?) and a few other little things like that (I only know what they are because they're fine on my iPhone).
    My iPhone only crashed once (I wasn't on for that long because I frankly don't like the new format on there :/. Everything is so large and... idk)... I was trying to go to page two on a thread and the "jump to" thing kept popping up, and I kept trying to tap off of it and tap the two... but no go. It wouldn't change pages... then it crashed.
    And probably my biggest issue ATM, I cannot edit my lists . After I click it, save button disappears... and nothing happens.
    Ah yes, and it takes much longer to load anything on either device..
    That's it for now.

    More - How the first name in the "Names Searched Right Now" overlaps the... well, "Names Searched Right Now" is bothering me .
    These are really just my opinions of design now, but I prefer the names in the database to progress down columns (like they used to) instead of the rows happening now.. And on top of that, I dislike how LARGE the name pages are.. If it's a unisex name, I feel like I shouldn't be scrolling down that far to see all of the page. If a name is unisex, and someone doesn't know that... they may never realize it because it's not visible unless you scroll a very (disorienting) ways down.

    I do really appreciate y'all's efforts to update the site, and make everything nice for us.

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    And I only just realised when I used another laptop this evening that NB doesn't work as well in IE8. It has the same layout (I'm guessing) as for a smart phone or tablet, with massive drop down menus instead of the navigation bar at the top.
    Yes! It was doing that to me while I was at work (I'm such a great employee...) But now that I'm on my home laptop it has a regular navigation bar which is much better. And I too miss the spotted background. I really like the new layout, the white is just a bit blinding.

    Is it just a Mac thing? Is anyone else experiencing problems on OSX? I know some others commented on the iPad problems too.
    I'm on an a MacBook Pro and I'm not having any problems with pages loading, perhaps it's your internet connection?
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    Ignoring the 'glitches' which will be worked out, bit by bit.....

    -love the new color scheme
    -love the fact that you see snippets of the entries for all names when you look at a list
    -love the bonus blog
    -am doing a happy dance after reading that Steve Ruble's infographic will be included soon

    -not so in love with the white on white look of the forum.....could there be a frame of some sort?
    -miss the ticker with the live feed of names being viewed

    Overall--thanks for the update!
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    The ticker with the live names is still there--it's just way at the top and starts out blank when the page first loads. There's also a huge amount of white space between the word "nameberry" and the ticker, which feels a bit weird. And I kinda dislike the colors in the cloud. A bit too muted, if you ask me.

    I'm on a macbook pro and everything's loading fine. So far the only glitch I'm encountering is that I can't "reply with quote"-- it tells me I'm not logged in and then when I log in it tells me my username is invalid.
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    I'm having a problem with the forums. Everytime I click on a thread it opens up fine, but if I want to see the next page I can't because everytime I click "next page" my safari app closes.

    Edit: for instance, now that I have posted I can see page 7, but I can't go back to page 1 unless I go back to the board and select the thread all over again. Seeing pages 2-6 is still impossible for me no matter what though.
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