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    cristinamariane Guest
    When I try to go to subscribed threads it says database error, I am also seeing my name next to everyone else's avatars, and I can't get to the page where I would normally edit stuff like my signature.

    I am glad the new site resembles the old one - it doesn't make it more complicated than it has to be.

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    cristinamariane Guest
    I just tried to post something and it didn't go through. I am seeing my name next to everyone's avatars, I can't find the page where I would normally edit stuff like my signature, and if I try to go to subscribed threads it says "database error."
    Other than that, I like that the new site resembles the old one, it makes things less of a hassle.

    *edit* looks like it did go through (above) and that didn't show up before I finished writing the new one, but I won't delete the first one just in case someone else has it happen
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    Hey everyone, this is a good idea. Just checking in to let you know we are aware of many of the bugs and are working to fix. The everyone-has-your-name forum feature is weird and unsettling and also kind of funny.
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    I've liked just about everything about this new layout so far...except seeing my name under each post. That's a bit weird. I haven't run into any other troubles, and it lads really well on my phone and tablet!
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    I like the new layout! Earlier this morning it was very wonky with me, but I figured it was just a problem with using it on Chrome, so I tried on Safari and it was a lot better, but now it looks fine on Chrome too
    I like the colours, too! They're nice a little more muted.
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