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    What do you think about these names?

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    1. Lauren Isabel- I like it. Lauren has a dated 90's quality, but I think it could be somewhat fresh right now. Crisp & preppy. Isabel gives it a little feminine dramatic flair.
    2. Laurel Eden- I love Laurel, dislike Eden
    3. Laney Eliana- Too samey. Laney is really nicknamey & cutesy. I can't picture it on a lawyer or something. Elena is pretty. Those 2 names together feel repetitive
    4. Anastasia Lucille- gorgeous! This one is my favorite. Lucille is so pretty & underused!
    5. Lena Camille- I like this a lot too. Elena Camille would be pretty and Laney could be a nickname
    6. Lindsey Louise- Lindsey has a 90s feel too it. This makes me think of the song Linda Lou. I do love Louise as a middle though. Laurel Louise for the double L thing.
    7. Robin Grace- I love Robin. Grace isn't a favorite of mine though.

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    I like the combos Laurel Eden and Anastasia Lucille. I don't like the name Lucille though. I don't care for any of the other names/combos.
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    1. Lauren Isabel- Kind of boring. I think a less popular middle is needed for a first like Lauren... Eliza, maybe? Camilla? Seraphina?
    2. Laurel Eden- Sounds subtly heavenly, but still usable.
    3. Laney Eliana- The lian/lani sound is repeated and sounds a little funny... Laney Elora and Libby Eliana? Lindsey Eliana?
    4. Anastasia Lucille- Love love love! So pretty! Anastasia sounds regal, and Lucille has the sweet, funny Lucille Ball association.
    5. Lena Camille- Very pretty! I like this a lot!
    6. Lindsey Louise- Eh. A trendy name like Lindsey sounds strange next to a literary, uber-intellectual one like Louise.
    7. Robin Grace- Very pretty, albeit wordy.

    I bolded my favorites.
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    The only ones I'm really liking in Anastasia and Laurel. Lauren and Lindsey are very common and bland in my opinion and they remind me of valley girls!
    I would prefer Anastasia paired with Lucy which I like much more than Lucille though.
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