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  • Reagan (RAY-gan)

    26 59.09%
  • Teagan (TAY-gan)

    18 40.91%
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    Question Which one should I go with?

    Reagan or Teagan (TAY-gan)? Reagan is more familiar to most people and less likely to be mispronounced, but Teagan is different (which I love) and has a wonderful meaning. I just don't know which one to use! Possible middle names are Victoria, Olivia, Mackenzie.

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    To me, Teagan looks like it would be pronounced "Tee-gin." Odd I know, since reagan and teagan share all the same letters but one. Reagan Victoria would be my suggestion for you!
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    I voted Teagan before I realized that you're pronouncing it TAY-gan. I like it better when it is pronounced TEE-gan. So I guess I change my vote to Reagan.

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    I prefer Teagan, but I would never pronounce it TAY-gin. I pronounce it TEE-gin, and I assume most other people do, too... so I wouldn't put it on your daughter to have to correct everyone. Otherwise, I'd change the spelling...
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    I think Teagan is a little nicer but I'm honestly not a fan of either. I would pronounce them Ree-gin and Tee-gin though.

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