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    We did not name our daughter before she was born. We had a short list of names: Cecelia or Georgia. But once we met her we just knew that she was Matilda! I'm hoping the same will happen with our boy due in 5 weeks, because we cannot agree on a name. Most people I talk to go to the hospital with a list and wait to meet the baby to give a name.

    As for your choices, my favorite is Avett (because I LOVE the Avett bros!). Lachlan is a good name, too. For the middle my vote is James. Avett James or Lachlan James. Good luck!!
    Mom to Matilda Ann
    Expecting a boy on June 9th!!

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    Our baby boy is booked to arrive in 4 days. We haven't decided on a name and I don't LOVE anything on the list we have been working on for the past few months. DH and I have ruled some out completely based on each other's opinions, but I can't even say we have a Top 3 or a Top 5 - and that stresses me out! Lots of people have told me it will all work out when we meet him and see what he looks like - but I worry about making a decision so soon after he is born, when my hormones are going to be all over the place, I just don't want to regret it!! Our daughter was named at the day of our 20 week ultrasound when they confirmed she was a she - so this has been really hard for me.

    From your list I like Lachlan and Sullivan, although I'd be reluctant to use Sullivan with Savannah, so my pick would be Lachlan James or Lachlan Christopher, both lovely choices in my opinion.

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    I would say we went with a list, but knew which one we were going to pick

    I'm glad we had pretty much agreed because in the chaos of everything and newness of everything I don't know if I would've looked at her & known or just felt pressured to figure it out in the midst of everything else.

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    We went in with a short list of names and a few combos. Luckily, we knew who he was when we met him. I hope you find a combo you love soon!

    I like:
    William Brooks
    James Avett (the avett brothers are my favorite!! Our first dance song was one of their songs at our wedding)
    Jack Sullivan
    Lachlan Christopher
    Christopher James
    Mama to my dear little bear <3

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    If you both love Lachlan, I would go with that. I'm not a fan of the name myself, but my opinion doesn't matter! I think it sounds fine with your last name, if that's your concern. My favorite name off of your list is probably James.
    Good luck!

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