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    Did anyone go to the hospital without a set name?

    Ok, signs are pointing to this baby coming soon. Hubby and I have struggled with names. I think we may be going to the hospital with just a list. Has anyone else done this? And just decided once the baby was born?? Did it work out? Any regrets? To refresh, our DD is Savannah Grace, our last name is pronounced GONE but Irish (close to gaughn in spelling.)

    New list:


    Any of those sound usable in any combo? Hubby and I both like Lachlan, but does it sound ok w our last name? Brooks is one I've really grown fond of, and I've always liked James. Hubby likes William ( and Achilles, but we won't go there) he also likes Jackson, which I fear is too popular, and will just be shortened to Jack, which may sound weird with our last name...

    So- opinions on going into the hospital without a clear choice?
    And what of these names?

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    I can't say I've been in your position, but my mother did the same thing with my younger brother. I actually don't think she even decided on a name until he was several weeks old - she spent a few days testing each one. I think she does have slight regrets that she didn't choose the name she loved (which the rest of us hated!) but she also loves the name she ended up choosing.

    I think Lachlan would sound okay with your surname. It's not the best flow, but if you really love it I don't think it's enough to stop you. My personal favourites would probably be Brooks and William, though with your surname Brooks might sound like you're saying "Brook's gone". I wouldn't use Jack or John because I the full name would just sound very abrupt, and Finnegan "Gone" has a bit of a stuttery sound to it. The rest though, are lovely
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    Sorry I can't really be of much help on the first question, considering I don't have kids and a majority of the friends and relatives I know who have recently had children have selected their names well before the births.

    About your names though:
    I think Lachlan is a good choice! I think it sounds okay with your last name, and it's a name you both like, so that's a plus it also sounds sweet with your daughter's name! I like Lachlan Christopher as a combo from your list
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    We don't go to the hospital with a name. After the baby is delivered safe and sound is the first time hubby and I actually discuss it.

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    I went to the hospital with five choices for boy and five for girl. During the last weeks of my pregnancy I started leaning very towards a couple of them, but I still had five choices for each gender. When she was born and given to me, I knew instantly which one belonged to her. I'll do the same next time as well.

    I like Christopher, William and Lachlan the best with your surname. I second the suggestion of Lachlan Christopher.
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