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    Boys Names Blues

    Why can't boys names be as easy as girls names? My husband and I decided on our girls names SO quickly, it was ridiculous! And neither of us has second guessed any of them. Boys names are always on my mind though. Yes, we have some picked out. And looking at just the boys list, I do like the names! But when I compare to the girls list, they just don't seem to match up!

    Here are our girls options-

    Cora Anneliese (LOVE Cora, not set on Anneliese though.)
    Ivy Louisa (Ivy Lou) Melts my heart when I say it!
    Lily Sophia (This is my least favorite, though I still really like it.)

    Here is our mish mosh of a boys list-

    Merrick Liam (nn Merri) My husband and I love the nn. He loves it becasue it reminds him of Kelly Slater (kind of a girls first name but used on a boy). Also it is part of the name of a surfboard company. I picked the middle name. Love Liam.
    Callen Thomas- We both really like Callen, just not sure we LOVE Callen. I love the nickname Cal or Calli. I think Brothers nicknamed Calli and Merri is ADORABLE. So surfer and unusual yet usable. Again, I picked Thomas. It is a family name. Kind of boring though, I know.
    We like these names as well, but would probably only use them as middle names-

    Also, my dear husband would never use these names as first names (too boring for him) But I love them so much, that if they sounded perfect with a first name, he may agree to use them (That is how I got him to agree to Liam and Thomas!)


    Let me know what you guys come up with! Thanks!

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