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    first name for middle name Garnet

    Any ideas?

    (Garnet would honor a Barbara, whose name we wouldn't use but birthstone we would.)

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    I think it sounds best with a four-syllable first name:

    Gloriana Garnet
    Araminta Garnet
    Arabella Garnet
    Eliana Garnet
    Aloisa Garnet
    Katarina Garnet
    Evalina Garnet
    Adelina Garnet
    Mazelina Garnet
    Magnolia Garnet
    Nicoletta Garnet

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    I thought of another Barbara suggestion- Bay. it's really unique & simple & modern...kind of far from Barbara, but somehow works imo!

    As for fn ideas I would love some more info about your style. I like:

    Fiona Garnet
    Elena Garnet
    Demetria Garnet
    Cassandra Garnet
    Alexandra Garnet
    Lavinia Garnet
    Olivia Garnet
    Penelope Garnet
    Lucille Garnet
    Louisa Garnet
    Lydia Garnet
    Wilhelmina Garnet
    Ramona Garnet
    Susanna Garnet
    Sabine Garnet
    Sabrina Garnet

    What it rules out for me are word names, place names, nature names, any names with a hippie-ish vibe (I almost suggested Serena, but even that seemed too hippie-ish with Garnet), color names, virtue names, anything that sounds like it could be describing a garnet. Unless that's what you're into

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